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Sectional Garage Doors


Strong & More Secure

Even easy riders are impressed!

Thanks to a high-quality steel core and durable multiple coating, our sectional door panels withstand the toughest conditions. TÜV-certified quality ensures top marks for safety and durability. Our CarTeck garage doors are tough as steel and meet the heavy-duty demands for everyday use.

Once inside you can rest easy too - CarTeck Automatic is very strong and designed for burglary resistance, keeping your possessions safe and protecting any access doors into your home. The doors’ physical strength characteristics are an impressive barrier and CarTeck Automatic’s opener adds a further layer of security.

The opener actively monitors the door and, if any attempt is made to force the door up, the motor engages and pushes back with a 60kg force! 

Add our extra-security pack and the magnetic motor lock mechanically locks the motor in any position up to an impressive 300kg of force. The pack also adds an alarm buzzer that recognises a break-in attempt and outputs a loud deterrent signal tone.

Keeps the elements at bay!

Warm, dry & fewer draughts

Garages can be dust blown, cold, draughty and damp places. CarTeck Automatic is designed to bring your garage back into your home.

Insulation ‘U Value”

What’s in a number? Our 40mm thick panels have an insulating value that has been independently tested to 0.56 W/m²K. The lower the value the better the insulating properties. 

It’s not a figure we tend to quote because we know a door is more than just a panel. We quote the insulation value for a complete door (8’0” wide x 7’0” high) including the panel joints and weather strips. CarTeck Automatic has an insulation ‘U value’ of 1.38 W/m²K - you won’t find better performance on any comparable garage door.


So simple, so effective

Flexible Use of Space

Vertical opening means CarTeck Automatic fits all shapes of garage opening and even in garages with very little headroom.





Operational Safety, Neat & Hidden Away

Springs are concealed high up in the top tray - safely away from little fingers.  Unsightly, open torsion springs are history. CarTeck trays also keep the springs in pristine condition, ensuring long-term smooth and quiet operation.






Better Use of Space

Vertical opening means CarTeck Automatic fits all shapes of garage opening and even in garages with very little headroom.

CarTeck Automatic Insulated Sectional Garage Doors

So many good reasons!

Insulated sectional garage doors are, quite simply, the best garage doors available for all round performance. CarTeck Automatic will transform not only the look of your home, but add ease and real pleasure every time you use your garage door.

At Teckentrup Door Solutions we understand that your garage door must look great, but behind those good looks it must be effortless to use, secure, safe and dependably reliable. There are thousands of CarTeck Automatic insulated sectional garage doors installed all around the UK and we’re proud and passionate about our garage doors!

Take a look at our “8 good reasons” guide to all the benefits of choosing CarTeck Automatic.

Harmony in motion.





















Easier Parking

There’s no denying cars are wider and taller than they used to be. Unlike old design up and over doors, CarTeck Automatic fits behind the garage opening typically adding up to 150mm to the width and at 75mm to the height -stress free parking is the result!